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About us

The Accountancy Office Cracow

Raś Accounting LLC


We are a fully licensed accounting office specialized in keeping accounting records, drawing up reports for the Tax Office, Social Insurance Fund, the Statistical Office, State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled, National Healthcare Fund, as well as in providing full personnel services. At the same time, we provide services related to the assistance in obtaining European Union funds. We also provide services for companies in the field of  economic and organizational consulting and inform them about a possibility of using the European Union funds.


Our specialized personnel: 

» Małgorzata Raś

 Chairman of the Board

» Tomasz Raś

 Managing director

» Karolina Niewiara

 Chief Financial Officer

» Magdalena Perczyńska  Accounting and HR Director
» Barbara Karbowniczek Assistant to the chairman of the board

» Grzegorz Wadas

Chief Accountant

» Zbigniew Ryś

Chief Information Officer & Specialist for cash settlements between the NHF

» Anna Raś

Independent Accountant

» Dominika Raś Independent Accountant
» Katarzyna Karska Independent Accountant
» Gabriela Sury Independent Accountant
» Agnieszka Leszczyńska Accounting officer
» Magdalena Rerutko HR & Payroll Officer
 » Katarzyna Ziętek  HR & Payroll Officer


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